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Domaine Remi Jeanniard 2014

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Domaine Remi Jeanniard wines


Domaine Remi Jeanniard


There is no lack of famous wine makers in Burgundy and while many of the Domaines are represented in Singapore and Malaysia, there’re still hidden gems dotted across the Cote. Wine Journey had recently secured the distribution rights to Domaine Hudelot Baillet (from Chambolle Musginy) and we are pleased to inform our fellow oenophiles that the Domanie Hudelot Baillet 2013 has been fully subscribed! (We do have a few great value Bourgognes, do grab yours if you haven’t!) During the same trip to Burgundy in Autumn 2015, we found another gem, in Domaine Remi Jeanniard, and upon a visit to the Domaine, we were blown away by the quality of the estate.
Domaine Remi Jeanniard is located in Morey-Saint-Denis, deep inside the village and it’s obsecure location and  the tiny signboard makes locating the winery a challenge. Monsieur Jeanniard started his own domanie after his father retired in 2003 and the wineyard was split between Remi and his brother. Monsieur Remi Jeanniard‘s inaugural vintage is 2004 with 7 hectares of vines. Domaine Remi Jeanniard own properties in the heart of Côte de Nuits, with plantings in Morey St. Denis, Gevrey Chambertin, and Chambolle Musigny. He practices sustainable farming including pruning in Spring to control yields, green harvest in July and refrains from Chemical Fertilizers. Grapes are handpicked and fermented only using natural yeast. Bottling is done without filtering nor fining. SO2 is used minimally, -choosing instead to preserve the wine’s freshness with carbonic gasses.




Monsieur Remi Jeanniard

Monsieur Remi Jeanniard

We were welcomed by the modest, a bit shy even, Monsieur Remi Jeanniard. With a brief tour to the winemaking facilities (really, it took us a very brief moment to tour the entire place, yes, it is tiny). We had our tasting at the cellar with Monsieur Jeanniard leading us through the his gorgeous terroir driven wines.


Domaine Remi Jeanniard‘s vines are older than average vine age in the region, with all of his Vielles Vignes village bottlings being at least 50 years old, and the Morey St Denis over 60. This gives a natural concentration to the wines. Most of the work here is in the vineyard with no chemical fertilizers added and harvest is done by hand. Vinification is pretty much traditional: natural yeast, just 12 months in oak with relatively small percentages of new oak being used. Bottled with very little SO2 and without filtering and fining.
What strike us the most was the understated style of the wines. The wines are not powerhouses, instead they’re attuned to a Zen-like quiet, slowly drawing on seasoned Burgundy palates. The aromatic profile is filled with red fruits and flowery bouquet, with the higher cuvees showing deeper, complex aromas of blue fruits, peppery spiciness and savoriness. The wines have one thing in common, the acidity. Highly refreshing, it brings out the sensation of salinity and juiciness. Without a doubt this is pretty classic Morey St Denis, showing just a touch of edge but with excellent refinement in it.
Other than the introduction thus far and the technical notes to follow, the amazing detail about this Domaine is the price of the wines! The wines are sold out at the domaine year in year out, and getting them on the secondary market is a challenge for the low production levels and rising popularity! Monsieur Jeanniard has had several opportunities to increase the price but nay, he said this is the price he wanted to sell. What a true wine lover! Fill your cellars is all we can suggest – we are selling these wines at low margins this year in order to build up allocations for future years, so if you want to get in at the start, now is the time to do it!!



Domaine Remi Jeanniard cellar


2014 Vintage

” 2014 – A User-Friendly Vintage that Produced Many Very Fine to Excellent Wines “

I am extremely happy to report that by the end of my trip I had completely changed my opinion and I am avidly enthusiastic about the 2014 vintage in the Côte de Nuits


While it is true that the 2014 vintage is user-friendly in that in many cases the wines will be accessible young, I believe that it is also true that they are going to age extremely well. There is a beguiling freshness coupled with first-rate drinkability that makes the 2014s extremely pleasurable. Often vintages that are approachable young are that way because they have lowish acidities, below average concentration or very high levels of ripeness, yet 2014 is none of those things. As if these positive features weren’t enough, consider that 2014 is extremely consistent not only in terms of where very good to excellent wines were produced in the Côte de Nuits but also up and down the appellation hierarchy.


There are many fine examples of straight Bourgogne as well. Otherwise there are excellent villages, 1ers and grands crus up and down the Côte de Nuits and while there is definite separation between one level and another, no one particular level stands out.


The best wines are wonderfully refreshing, highly drinkable and transparent medium-bodied wines that possess solid but not aggressive tannic spines supplemented by sufficient but not high acidities. They are balanced wines built for medium-term aging yet should be reasonably approachable young if youthful fruit is your preference.


Two of the aspects that I like best about the 2014s is their transparency to the underlying terroir coupled with their sheer drinkability. This transparency is enhanced by terrific vibrancy because the wines really do taste alive in the mouth as they’ve got energy, or what I like to call underlying tension. They’re ripe yet they are what the French call digest, or refreshing, where the first sip invites the next which is in fact what makes them so drinkable.



Morey St Denis Premier Cru plots

Remi Jeanniard Bourgogne Aligote Vieilles Vignes 2014 2048


* 4yrs old used barrels only 160cases / annum

” Sweet yellow fruits complexed with some peppery spice. When served cold, it shows the bright white and yellow fruits that almost dry on the palate. However, as the temperature rises, it gains on weight and showed the distinct note of Aligote: touch of fresh grass and bitter note but also with lush, slight buttery mouthfeel that lend the perfect balance to it. The medium length finish is clean and mineral driven. An excellent example of this grape varietal. ” Wine Journey


Remi Jeanniard Bourgogne pinot noir 2014 2048

Remi Jeanniard Bourgogne pinot noir 2014


* Single parcel border to Chambolle-Musigny.
* > 60yrs old vines. ~ 250cases / annum

” Very expressive and generous, boosting with red cherry liqueur and floral note. The old vines intensity is really showing here, offers good level of fruits, acidity and balance. There is this softness in it which make it so pleasurable to drink now. Very good length for a Bourgogne. Looking for delicious Burgundy for house pour that wont break the bank? Here you go. ” Wine Journey


Remi Jeanniard Chambolle Musginy VV 2014 2048


* from ~50 year old vines planted on limestone bedrock, ~ 250cases / annum

” A bit reserved from the start, but it really slowly evolving in the glass. Dense and focus aromas of Iron, mint, forest floor and red fruits. Lush, elegant and refined. This has very good mid palate intensity with underlying minerality and old vines subtleness. Good length and depth. The remaining 1/3 is showing best the next morning. Quoted from our lady friend who had it the next morning: this is a superb wine! ^^ ” Wine Journey

Remi Jeanniard Morey St Denis Vieilles Vignes 2014 600


* from >60yrs old vines. ~ 420cases / annum
* 10% new oak barrel.

” Drank this over 4hrs in a dinner. It shows airy sweet red fruits at first, slowly earthiness, savoriness and just a touch of spiciness emerged in the glass. While the nose is consistently good and seductive even, the palate needed a while to fully opening up. Refreshing entry, with plenty of mid palate sappiness that formed by the sweet berry fruits and juicy acidity. It is tighten up toward the finish as the tannin presence, but after an hour mark, boy, was this delicious? Savory, juicy, very long and good mouth feel. Shocking good value here ” Wine Journey

Remi Jeanniard Morey St Denis 1er Cru Les Ruchots 2014 2048 copy


* vines planted in 1969, bordering to Clos de Tart Grand Cru & Bonnes Mares Grand Cru, on Chambolle side of Morey. (refer to photo above)
* 50% new oak. ~ 125cases / annum

” Similar nose to the MSD VV but deeper, higher toned with complex perfume of stem, blue and red pinot fruits, cinnamon, earth and mineral. Entry is good, a lot of sweet fruits that buffered well to the underlying structure and firm but ripe tannin. I really like the rounded minerality and acidity here that lending so much energy and finesse to it. To drink: 60mins in the decanter before serve. Or Hold for another 5-7yrs. ” Wine Journey

Remi Jeanniard Morey St Denis 1er Cru Clos des Ormes 2014 600


* >60+yrs old vines planted in high density ~ 12,500vines / ha.
* Located below Clos de la Roche Grand Cru, on Gevrey side of Morey. (refer to the photo above)
* 50% new oak. ~ 150cases / annum

” A touch more stem and powerful than the Ruchots, with highly focus sweet cherry liqueur, perfumed blue flower and savoriness. Deeper, even better depth and offering good pure cherry fruits and complex, subtle spices. The structure is there, but the balance is so well that the tannin and structure is barely noticeable. This will certainly To drink: 60mins in the decanter before serve. Or Hold for another 6-8yrs. ” Wine Journey


For orders, please contact us  / 65-81885650

Remi Jeanniard Group 03 2048

Domaine Remi Jeanniard Morey st denis wines





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