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Champagne Charles Dufour Bulle de Comptoir “Stillleben” #8

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Charles Dufour 2020/2021’s  release is the equivocal Bulle de Comptoir series. Wine Journey has been the official agent for Singapore and Malaysia for Champagne Charles Dufour. We have been allocated this wine since Bulle de Comptoir #4. Charles Dufour is from the Aube of Champagne region, and has holdings in several varietals including his famed Pinot Blanc. Charles used to have several cuvees including the Le Champ du Clos (100% pinot blanc) which has been highly regarded. This cuvee has been paused for the #8 Stillleben project, ie: all the efforts has been pour into just this ONE Cuvee!
The Bulle de Comptoir consist of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc. The is made up of the 2017 vintage and a perpetual reserve blend of 2010 through 2016. The Bulle de Comptoir #8 is complex and approachable young. Do contact us to get a couple of bottles!

Contact Jon from Wine Journey Singapore directly for the Charles Dufour Bulle de Comptoir #8 or

For Malaysia, contact



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