WJ Drinks - OriGin by Emmanuel Brochet

WJ Drinks - OriGin by Emmanuel Brochet

The Origin

Do you remember the Covid period at its peak, when all of us had to stay home? Apart from embracing the then-new lifestyle of working from home, dining from home, many of us picked up new interests, or honed new skills. Emmanuel was one of those who brewed a new project, albeit with ambition and grandeur. At first he called it a ‘little secret’, and it got unveiled when finally we visited him last October.


Perhaps this ‘secret’ wasn’t such a surprise after all. You see, Emmanuel is a huge fan of gin, and holds a lovely collection of the rarest, artisanal infusions.  For this project, Emmanuel had a 150-litre Arnold Holdstein still installed in his workroom to concoct his own magic.   


The botanicals of Champagne

 Just like how Emmanuel Brochet’s wines express the terroirs of the lieux-dits of Villers-aux-Nord, Emmanuel opts to use ingredients indigenous of the region.


The main base grain alcohol is distilled from wheat and barley from Champagne-Ardenne. Marc de Champagne, a brandy made from the pomace (the leftover grape skins, seeds, and stems) of grapes used in the Champagne winemaking process,  constitutes part of the alcohol as an unusual base spirit.


Apart from junipers, the aromatic profile features wild flowers found in Montagne de Reims, including mock oranges, brooms, honeysuckles and elderberries.


The realm of botanical delights

Sipping on OriGin is an exquisite experience that tantalises the senses. You embark on a journey through fragrant florals and exotic spices. Flavours and aromas emerge and evolve at different temperatures. 

On a typical warm and humid day in Singapore, we sampled and savoured the gin neat on Sydonios Empreinte, a medium white wine glass, and recorded notes of its development in taste and nose profiles.


Out of the fridge:

A delicate bouquet of wild flowers is featured, and an elegant and fragrant dimension prevails. The gin is cloudy and velvety, due to its unfiltered nature.


About ten minutes later:

A bright, citrusy twist emerges, unveiling a refreshing and zesty character.


About twenty minutes later:

Subtle herbs and spice elements dominate. The cardamom notes add depth and warmth, while the herbal hints of rosemary lends a touch of earthiness.


At every moment, the finish is well-balanced and lingering as the flavours evolve.  Its consistency in complexity and harmony is remarkable.



Enjoying Ori-Gin

Gin is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in various ways. Due to the complex taste profile and high alcohol content in Ori-Gin, we recommend going simple with the classic Gin and Tonic. Mix the gin with quinine-free tonic water over ice. We recommend Amberosa Natural Tonic Water, which provides a mellow and refreshing backdrop that leaves the gin elements to shine. Of course, if you can, it is worth savouring neat without mixers.

Wine Journey is proud of having the privilege to share Ori-Gin with you. The small-batch gin, hand-crafted by the one and only Emmanuel Brochet. Take my word. You must try it.







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