Collection: Champagne Le Brun Servenay

Le Brun Servenay is a convergence of two established family estates, bounded by the marriage of Patrick Le Brun’s parents. The vines in Le Brun’s estate in Avize had been tended for four generations;  Servenay’s in Mancy for five generations - the label inherits a wealth of aged vines in excellent holdings. Le Brun Savernay owns 7.5 of vineyards, with 3.5 hectares in the Côte des Blancs communes of Avize, Cramant and Oger, 1 hectare in the Premier Cru commune of Grauves, and 3 hectares in Mancy. The vines on the non-vintage wines are aged around 35 years, and 65 years on the vintage wines and the rosé.

The significant predominance of old vines, low yield of grapes, and the high limestone constitution in the soil bestow on the quality of the wines. Patrick chooses to favour the non-malolactic fermentation approach, vinification on stainless steel except for the Coteaux Champenois, and old fashioned hand riddling. Only up to four vintages in the reserve wines, no soleras, are used in the blends. The vinification is free of clutter of complicated winemaking processes, and allow for freshness  and acidity to prevail and saline expressions of the chalky terroir to unravel. The wines are finished with minimal dosage levels.

“Once again, I was quite taken with the Champagnes of Le Brun Servenay. These are some of the most powerful, structured Blanc de Blancs readers will come across. Best of all, the wines are bursting at the seams with personality and character.’ - Antonio Galloni, Vinous. Le Brun Servenay produces crystalline and rich Champagne, with pronounced acidity and intense saltiness; these are pure expressions of the old vines and the famous chalk of the Côte des Blancs.