Collection: Champagne Girard-Bonnet

The inception of Girard-Bonnet champagne is synonymous with the birth of its creator, Paul Girard - son of Philippe Girard and Dominique Bonnet. This new grower-maker brand unites grapes of the Girard estate from Mesnil sur Oger and the Bonnet estate from Oger.

The name of the first vintage, Mi-chemin ('Middle Path'), appropriately expresses the half Oger half Les Mesnil in Paul's first bottling.

The minimal approach to vinification reflects the grand cru pedigree of his grapes, as well as his endeavour to represent the different facets of chardonnay according to the terroirs of the Côte des Blancs.

A Mi-Chemin expresses the minerality of Les Mesnil and florality of Oger, and the exciting potential of this young maker.