Collection: Maison Bodet-Hérold

Étienne, who studied and worked in various domaines in Champagne, brought in his profound experience, while Kim utilises her sensitive and acute palette to achieve a product that displays subtlety, harmony and elegance.

Étienne and Kim have, since 2017, partnered two organic producers in Saumur. One is located on a southeast-facing slope, with Chenin planted on Turonian chalk with light and well-drained soil. The other features Grolleau grown on an east-facing marl-based plot with heavier, clay-rich soil. The grapes of the former plot projects acidity and precision, while those of the latter plot contribute to the bursting, juicy characteristics in the wine. 

The production processes abide by strict protocols and diligent attention to maintain optimal acidity and sugar balance, maintaining conducive ambient yeasts and adopting a non-malolactic approach in fermentation. A long fermentation period leads to autolysis and a release of intense flavours. Low skin to pulp ratio in the Grolleau allows for a low concentration of stringent and bitter components while preserving great acidity.