Collection: Domaine de la Roseraie

Julien Petitjean is a former historian and musicologist who turned to viticulture and winemaking in the early 2000s. Julien worked in various domaines across the Côte de Nuits over the years, before founding Domaine de la Roseraie in 2012 as a culmination of his experience. Currently, the domaine spans a 5-hectare vineyard, out of which 2.8 hectares is in active production.

In search of the most natural wine production methods and in his endeavour to replicate the vibrance in cuvées reminiscent of pre-technological eras, he explored and applied medieval winemaking techniques to resurrect simplicity and purity in the processes.

Julien insists on engaging minimal equipment to preserve microbial life in the soil, thus allowing the grapes to inherit the quintessence of the terroir. The principles of biodynamics are upheld, with cover cropping practised and biodiversity embraced.

The cellar infrastructure replicates one from the fifteenth century. The vinification approach, truthful to ancient techniques, is tweaked daily, tailored to the current temperatures and progress of the fermentation. Julien leaves the wines as long as it takes, sometimes years, to complete the fermentation process. Wines are bottled by hand without fining and filtration, nor addition of sulfites.