WJ Eats: Ca' di Mat Wines Go Well with Rich and Light Flavours

WJ Eats: Ca' di Mat Wines Go Well with Rich and Light Flavours

Ca’ di Mat was the first label in our Spanish collection to be launched, and we wanted to present it with snacks which would showcase its performance against various palate profiles. 




Baguette from Petit Pain Bakery

Arbor Senium Farga olive oil (bought in Spain)

Ca Di Mat Los Peros Albillo Real 2021

The green-fruitiness and bittersweet-aroma of this olive oil harmonises perfectly with the herbaceous and floral notes in the wine. Everyone raved about the bread, the EVOO, the wine altogether. I also need to grab this opportunity to say that the baguette from this bakery is as queue-worthy as the croissants!



Chicken Croquetas, Seafood Croquetas, Brussel Sprouts from Paella Projects

Ca' di Mat Valautín Garnarcha 2017

Ca' di Mat Valautín Garnarcha 2019

Ca' di Mat Los Peros Garnarcha 2020

Croquettes are the ultimate comfort food in my repertoire, and the first to be polished off the table. Paella Projects’ croquettes were amazing - the crispy crust, the creamy centre, and ooh how they elevated the fine tannins in the Garnarcha! I like all the Genarchas, but personally, the Valautín 2017 was the most forthcoming with food.

I was really nervous about the brussel sprouts as they were kind of off-the-beaten-path for most of us. I had no idea how a bitter vegetable will bring out in a wine. Paella Projects’ rendition were roasted with honey and paprika, and the sweet-bitter-smoky mix unleashed the spicy, wild side of the Los Peros Garnarcha. It tasted almost like a joy ride.


Prawn, Ikan Bilis Vadai from The Original Vadai @ Joo Chiat

Ca' di Mat Valautín Albillo Real 2021

Another risky move, but this turned out to be the favourite pairing of many. That unique fragrant, piquant element in the dough delivered a whole new facet of floral, spicy notes in the Albillo Real like a magic carpet. The tartiness in the wine cut through the grease in the fritter seamlessly.


Ca' di Mat wines perform superbly well as food wines, and agree readily to diverse nuances in tastes. They are also excellent on their own, whether you choose to go for the complexity and prowess in the Los Peros, or the elegant, daintiness in the Valautín. The stunning floral intensity in the Albillo Real suffices to tantalise your buds, while the Ganarcha, being already sensational at first pour, will just continue to blossom until its very last drop.

What would you have with your Genarcha and Albillo Real?





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