WJ Travels: J&J Archambaud - A Drive to the Pearl of the Côtes

WJ Travels: J&J Archambaud - A Drive to the Pearl of the Côtes

When life gives you good grapes, you make good wines. We all know that terroir is paramount in determining wine quality; the nature surrounding the vineyards impacts the taste of grapes and thus, the wine.

We visited J&J Archambaud in Vosne-Romanée during our trip to France last October, and were treated to a rare, exclusive excursion to the family-owned vineyards on the hills. Jean-Philippe, our host, drove us up the slopes.



He pointed to us the narrow, invisible perimeters of the plots, while introducing the majestic, venerable vines surrounded by wild flora.

We surveyed and identified the mostly star-studded neighbouring plots and villages at Les Petit Monts, one of the plots where Jean-Phillipe brought us.

We immersed ourselves in the fine weather and the breathtaking scenery as the sunset beckoned.

It was a beautiful, magical moment. Wine geography sprung to life, the mythical lands bestowed upon our eyes.


Now who is J&J Archambaud, you may ask. It is what we call a hole-in-the-wall domaine. Little-mentioned in Cellar Tracker, limited information on Google. No fluffy marketing. Little in name, huge in game.

J&J Archambaud wines, to us, were love at first taste. Robust yet elegant, immensely aromatic. They exude the quintessence of the Vosne-Romanée fame. Bringing you J&J Archambaud embodies our deepest core values at Wine Journey - to bring you that off-the-beaten-track in wine experiences. Trust us, you will love this.


J&J Archambaud wines are available at Wine Journey.

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