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Champagne Coessens

Champagne Coessens Largillier Saignée de Rosé

Champagne Coessens Largillier Saignée de Rosé

Decandent with strawberries and cherries, exuberant with floral notes, flinty with minerals, round and deep overall

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This rosé de saignée champagne is made only in years when the grapes reach perfect phenolic maturity and are in perfect condition. Vinification is carried out in the traditonal way which invloves crushing the grapes by foot. The grape skins can then release all their aromas, tannins and colour into the juice.

* Varietals:    100%  Pinot Noir
* Vintages:  100%  vintage 2020  harvested on  August 2020 
* Date of bottling:  June 2021 
* Age of vines:  37 -  42 years
* Type of vinification: The grapes are crushed by feet as ancestral method, maceration during about 12 hours
* Malolactic fermentation: Yes
* Ageing on lees: 17 months
* Disgorgement date:  November 2022
* Dosage: 7g/L
* Number of bottles produced    4,000 (in certain years)
* In Largillier vineyard: For this wine, we used grapes from one plot :SUBSTANCE

The Producer

Jérôme and Valerie Coessens have been working since 2006 on a single vineyard named Largillier - a six hectare lieu-dit owned exclusively by the Coessens family for 5 generations. Located in Ville-sur-Arce, in southern Aube in the Côte des Bars, the chalk-clay soil in the plot is characteristically poor, but full of kimmeridge, like in the Grand Cru areas in Chablis. Upon taking over the family estate, Jérôme noticed different profiles within the plot, and subsequently subdivided the vineyard with ‘Mineral’, ‘Fruit’, ‘Flower’ and ‘Substance’ subplots. Part of the vineyard is also allocated to fellow winemaker Guillaume Selosse, who uses the grapes for his ‘Largillier’ champagne. The vineyard is planted with only Pinot Noir, and the grapes are harvested at different times for eight different cuvées, each expressing a unique nuance. The wines are vinified with a Burgundian sensibility, with single varietal, single vintage (except for the solera), for the wines to showcase purely the multi-facets of the terroir of Largillier.