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Sydonios Racine Collection - l'Universel Wine Glass - Set of 6

Sydonios Racine Collection - l'Universel Wine Glass - Set of 6

Crafted for Burgundies, Champagnes, Whites and Sweet Wines

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About this glass

l’Universel glass is one of the two original designs selected from the initial 7 prototypes that were crafted based on research findings for the experiments. It is ideal for sparkling, whites and delicate reds. Likewise, l’Universel decanter is constructed for the same profile of wines.

Lead-free crystal
Height: 230mm
Width: 78mm
Ratio: 1.4
Capacity: 350ml

"When we conceived this glass, there were three priorities: finesse, elegance and versatility. L’Universel offers a refined form suited to all styles of wine. It was unanimously chosen by a panel of professional tasters, as evidenced by a few of their comments: 'Perfect form, extremely expressive aromatics, incredible balance'."

About Sydonios

Sydonios is founded by Antoine Schvart, a former wine broker, whose work involving tasting dozens of wines every day inspired him to explore the creation of a ‘different kind of glass’ - distinct from the already-established Austrian brands.

A year was spent in conducting intensive scientific research involving meeting more than 100 wine professionals as well as reviewing relevant literary papers. After consulting a panel comprising the most prominent wine makers in France, 2 glasses were eventually selected from 7 prototypes. These stringent procedures paved the way to deliver unprecedented tasting experiences with extreme finesse and oenological precision.

Each Sydonios glass is exquisitely mouth-blown in the Bohemian tradition,  and meticulously measured to perfect proportions. The superior lead-free crystal offers light weight and enduring clarity. All Sydonios products are dishwasher safe, and are securely packaged in designer-made boxes with firm foam interior.

Sydonios glasses fall in two collection - The Racine and Terroir Collection.

Racine Collection

he Racine Collection features 3 best performers out of 7 research-created prototypes. These 7 prototypes were heavily tested by more than 100 wine experts, who contributed to measure the impact of the tasting experience with glass variation. 
l'Esthete  - crafted for fine wines with powerful and tannic structure
l'Universel - crafted for Burgundies, Champagnes, Whites and Sweet Wines
le Subtil - crafted to accompany delicately structured red wines

Caring for Sydonios Glasses

Dishwasher safe

All Sydonios glasses are dishwasher safe. Use a low temperature setting, wash glasses separately and avoid dishwasher tablets or liquids.


Leave the glasses to soak for a few minutes in dilute, warm soapy water or white vinegar. Do not use washing-up liquid. Avoid rapid temperature fluctuations between washing and rinsing.


We recommend hand-drying the glasses using a clean, dry tea-towel or microfibre cloth. Always hold the glasses by the bowl to avoid damaging the stems.